Vistors from Norfolk Lincoln Schools and Norfolk Veterans Home

We welcomed 120 Pre-School Students from Norfolk Lincoln School during the week of May 5th. During their visit, the students brushed and dressed (saddled) the ponies. Although they didn't get to ride, all students were very excited. They also watched as Patty gave the 36 year old pony, Flash, a haircut. We played a few games like a pony relay races. After their snack the students returned to school.

Along with the Norfolk Lincoln School student that came out on Friday May 9th, a few of the Norfolk Veterans from the Norfolk Veterans Home got to visit as well. They had a great time as well. Just like the school student the veterans got to pet and brush the ponies and watch as Flash got a haircut.

A Great time was had by all.

To veiw more pictures go to the Gallery.

Posted on: Sunday, May 11, 2014
Last modified on: Thursday, February 18, 2016

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